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Do Not Call Registration

We deeply respect your privacy and do not want you to be bothered by unsolicited/undesired calls (we would not like to receive them ourselves). That is why we have developed a simple way for adding your phone number to our Do Not Call List.

In order to complete the registration of your phone number in our Do Not Call list, we need to do a quick phone verification to confirm that the request is legitimately coming from you.
Please be ready to answer the phone. Once you enter your number and click the "Submit" button below, you will receive a call from Caller ID (408) 946-9700.

1. Enter your phone number to verify.

phone number

2. Choose an option:

Block all calls placed using the Phonevite service.
Block calls coming from a specific Caller ID number only (optional).

3. Spam Check

Please listen to the instructions and enter the following
Verification Code: 0122

* If, in the past, you requested a Do-Not-Call block and would like to remove it, please submit your request on our support form. We will assist you promptly.

What is the Status Monitor?

When you click "Call Now", a Status Monitor will appear to advise you on the progress of the call.

The Status Monitor looks like this:

You can click "Check Status Now" to find out the current status or wait for periodic automatic updates.

During the call, please don't close this page or refresh the browser.