Why do you require Caller ID Verification?
We verify your Phone Number to protect your identity and personal information. Additionally, your verified phone number is used as the caller ID the message recipients see when they pick up the phone.

When verifying your phone number, please be ready to answer your phone. Our server will immediately call the number that you submitted and prompt you to enter the verification code shown on the Phonevite.com web site.

The service will be limited if your account has no verified phone number.
How does Caller ID Verification work?
When you sign up, you arrive at our Caller ID Verification page, where you are given a verification code, and are asked to enter your phone number.

After you enter your phone number and hit "Verify", you will receive a call from Phonevite.com. An automated audio message will guide you to enter the verification code to complete the process.
What happens if Caller ID Verification fails?
In the event that Caller ID Verification fails, please login using your email and password. You will be prompted again for phone number verification. Alternatively, you can go to the Profile Page and click "change" in the Phonevite Caller ID section. If you still cannot verify your number or do not receive any call from our system, please contact customer support at support@phonevite.com.