About Us
What is Phonevite™

Phonevite™ is the most popular, award-winning, community-based voice broadcasting service.

Thousands of schools, churches, municipalities, non-profits and other similar organizations are using Phonevite™ to broadcast emergency alerts, event reminders and time-critical notifications over the phone.

Sending mass communications over the phone used to be the arena of large organizations, both because of the high cost and the complexity of the service.

Now Phonevite™ is giving the power to the people.

You can now use Phonevite™ to complement or switch the way you communicate with many people at once. With Phonevite™, you can instantly communicate with multiple people over the phone, and you can receive immediate responses from them as well. See features.

Phonevite™ is a service provided by Ifonoclast, Inc. and was developed by pioneers in the field of Voice over IP (VoIP).


Ifonoclast™ is the innovative provider of cutting-edge internet telephony and voice broadcasting services, like Phonevite™.

Pronunciation: /aɪˈfɒnəklæst/
Function: noun
Etymology: Variation of iconoclast , from internet i + Greek phone + Greek klan to break
1 : one who disrupts the traditional usage of the internet and the phone
2 : one who attacks settled beliefs about the internet and the phone

Based on our patent-pending internet telephony technology, we offer a range of telephone calling, messaging and voice broadcasting products/services, enhanced by the convenience, ease and cost-efficiency of the internet.

Phonevite Team
John Nahm, Co-Founder and CEO
John Nahm is responsible for overall business strategy and execution at Phonevite. Formerly a Sr. Product Manager and Business Development Manager at Dialpad (Silicon Valley's leading VoIP company and brand, acquired by Yahoo!), John led the successful launch of Dialpad's award-winning Premium Services. In the past, John was also a VP of Corporate Banking at US Bancorp. His experience includes international development work with the United Nations and business consulting with Deloitte as well. John grew up in the Canary Islands of Spain before moving to the US. He studied Economics (B.A.) and International Finance (M.I.A) at Columbia University.

Kalvin Kim Co-Founder and CTO
Kalvin Kim is in charge of overall system architecture and technology development at Ifonoclast. Kalvin was a Director of Engineering at Dialpad Communications (acquired by Yahoo!). At Dialpad, he was responsible for engineering the core server systems and client applications. The systems that Kalvin developed are now an integral part of Yahoo!’s communications products, such as the Yahoo! Messenger and Yahoo! Voice. Prior to Dialpad, Kalvin worked as a Software Engineer at Serome Technology, a leading South Korean software company, where he developed ground-breaking VoIP applications. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Physics from Chosun University.

Michael Jones, COO of MySpace
Michael was recently appointed as the COO of MySpace. He is also the Founder and a Board Member of Tsavo Media. Prior to starting Tsavo, Michael founded and sold several businesses, including Userplane, which was acquired by AOL, PBJ Digital and Investing.com. He is a graduate of the University of Oregon.

Peter Pham, CEO of Billshrink
Peter is the CEO of Billshrink, a personalized savings tool/site funded by Bessemer Venture Partners and Trinity Ventures. Prior to Billshrink, Peter was the VP of Business Development at Photobucket, which was acquired by Fox Interactive Media. He also has experience in the enterprise space, selling and marketing server computing, SaaS, storage and software products to companies. Peter holds a bachelor's degree in biological sciences and a minor in business from the University of California, Irvine.

Taek Kwon, Operating Partner at TPG Growth
Taek Kwon is an operating partner at TPG Growth, the growth equity and middle market investment fund of TPG, a global private equity firm with over $40 billion of assets under management. Taek focuses on investments in the media, travel, and technology sectors in North America and Asia. Before joining TPG, Taek spent ten years in various executive roles at leading online media and technology companies. He served as a founding technology executive at CommerceBid (sold to Commerce One), founding VP of Engineering and Operations at Hotwire (sold to Interactive Corp.), Executive Vice President of Product and Technology at Citysearch (an Interactive Corp. company), and turnaround CEO at Friendster. Taek received a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Cornell University, where he was a member of the National Engineering Honor Society, a member of the lightweight football and wrestling teams, and runner-up in the World DJ Championships.

XG Ventures
XG Ventures launch is a small group of ex-Googlers, who were early hires in strategic roles at Google. This group is now dedicated to advising and investing in supremely talented early stage teams. The XG Ventures Team includes the former Controller of Google, who worked on its IPO, as well as former Google executives in international business development, ad sales and customer analytics.

Come join Ifonoclast in our quest to attack settled beliefs and disrupt the traditional usage of the internet and the phone.

To be considered, send us your resume at jobs@ifonoclast.com