About Us
What is Phonevite™

Phonevite™ is the most popular, award-winning, community-based voice broadcasting service.

Thousands of schools, churches, municipalities, non-profits and other similar organizations are using Phonevite™ to broadcast emergency alerts, event reminders and time-critical notifications over the phone.

Sending mass communications over the phone used to be the arena of large organizations, both because of the high cost and the complexity of the service.

Now Phonevite™ is giving the power to the people.

You can now use Phonevite™ to complement or switch the way you communicate with many people at once. With Phonevite™, you can instantly communicate with multiple people over the phone, and you can receive immediate responses from them as well. See features.

Phonevite™ is a service provided by Ifonoclast, Inc. and was developed by pioneers in the field of Voice over IP (VoIP).


Ifonoclast™ is the innovative provider of cutting-edge internet telephony and voice broadcasting services, like Phonevite™.

Pronunciation: /aɪˈfɒnəklæst/
Function: noun
Etymology: Variation of iconoclast , from internet i + Greek phone + Greek klan to break
1 : one who disrupts the traditional usage of the internet and the phone
2 : one who attacks settled beliefs about the internet and the phone

Based on our patent-pending internet telephony technology, we offer a range of telephone calling, messaging and voice broadcasting products/services, enhanced by the convenience, ease and cost-efficiency of the internet.