Share Your Voice

In addition to sending your voice messages through the phone, you can share your voice on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. You can also share your voice via email, through a web link, and/or even embed the player into your own web site.

Free Trial

No credit card is required. The Free Trial is designed not only for getting a taste of the Phonevite service, but also for helping small groups (of up to 25 members) with infrequent usage (twice every 30 days).

Sharing on Social Networks

You can share your Voice Messages on Social Networks like Facebook and Twitter. You can also Share Your Voice via email, a web link, or even embed the player into your own web site.

Multiple Caller ID's

Phonevite allows you to place your own phone number (business/home/cell) as the origin Caller ID for the calls. Your contacts will see your very own Caller ID on the phone screen. And now you can have multiple (up to 10) Caller ID's (e.g. your office number, home number, mobile number)

Phonevite To Go

When you are not in front of the computer, you can use Phonevite To Go from any of your verified Caller ID phone numbers. Dial the To Go number we provide for the Group you want to reach, record the message and the call gets broadcast to the whole group.

Do-It-Yourself Instant Recording

Unlike other solutions, you can record your outgoing message instantly on the web using our Web Recorder. If you don't have a PC microphone or headset, no problem! Use our Phone Recorder, which immediately calls you to record your message on your phone.

Instant or Scheduled calls

You can start your Phonevite calls right away or schedule it for a later time. No need to wait and/or talk to a Sales Agent or Account Manager.

Phone Book and Importing Call Lists

Use the Phone Book to organize and save phone numbers you call regularly. You can also import calling lists using our "Import CSV File" functionality. Find out more

Call Options

Answering Machine / VoiceMail Detection

Our system has an algorithm that detects most answering machines or voicemail sytems, and leaves the full message after the tone.


RSVP is as easy as 1, 2, 3. After hearing the message, recipients simply press 1 (yes), 2 (no) or 3 (not sure) on their phone dialpad. You can then check the responses at Phonevite.com.


Do you want to know why someone can't make it to your event? Or maybe you need some suggestions from your guests on where to go for dinner. We offer your guests the option to leave you a voice message right from their phone, after they hear your message.

Email Voice Message

In case the recipients are busy at the time of taking the call, you can send the Voice Message by Email as well. The recipients can then check the same Voice Message at their convenience from their Web Browser.

Call Reporting and Tracking

In the My Phonevites section, you can keep track of all the call details, cost and responses, if any.

Superior Call Quality

We've built a fully integrated, propietary, scalable internet telephony network ensuring that you, and the recipients of your messages, experience clean and clear voice quality.

Do Not Call Registry & Opt-out options

At the end end of every live call and on the web, recipients have an option to opt-out from receiving calls using the Phonevite Service.