What is a Phonevite™?
A Phonevite™ is a broadcast session in which you send a selected audio message to a group of phone numbers. Each Phonevite is a separate event/session.

In each Phonevite™, you will have the option to record a new message or select an existing one, and to enter a list of phone numbers and/or add existing group/s of phone numbers.
Am I charged per message or per call?
You will be charged per successful call. So, if you record a Phonevite message and send it out to 50 people, you will be charged 5 cents x 50 = $2.50.
Can I resend a Phonevite™?

To resend a Phonevite™, go to the My Phonevites page and choose the previously sent Phonevite™. Under the Call Details Record, check the phone numbers you would like to resend the audio message to and click on "Resend checked".

A small window will appear, where you can select the Options (schedule, RSVP and message-back), and click on "Send now" or "Scheduled Send".
What is "sharing my voice via social media"?
It is a fun and easy way to share your voice through the different social media sites. You can post your voice message on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and your own website so that your voice can be heard by those around you. Others will be able to listen to your voice message with the simple click of a button. Simply, go to the Share Voice page and under each recording file, you will see social media icons (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Email and Link Sharing). Click on any of these icons and follow the instructions to share.
How do I share my message on Facebook, MySpace and Twitter?
Once you have recorded your voice message and it is available in the "Send Phonevite" page, click on the "Share on Facebook" or "Share on MySpace" or "Share on Twitter" icons at the bottom of the message you wish to share. This will open up a pop-up window where you can confirm posting the message on the different social media sites.
How do I delete a voice message I have shared in the past through social media?
If you want to delete a voice message you have previously shared through social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Email, URL Link), simply identify the voice file in the Share Voice page and click on the red X button to delete the recording.
I have phone numbers listed in my phone book more than once. Will they receive multiple calls/messages when I send a phonevite?
No. Duplicate numbers are automatically removed.