How does the Phonevite™ Phone Recorder work?
To initiate the Phonevite™ Phone Recorder, click on "New Phone Recording". You will be prompted to enter your phone number. Once you click on "Call Now" and confirm, you will receive a phone call from Phonevite™. Simply follow the instructions to record, review and save your message.
How do I see and select the recording I save on the Phone?
After you are done recording, the Status Monitor will indicate that "The call is now completed". Click on the "Back to Send Phonevite" link.

You will see your most recent recording named with the date and time stamp (e.g. 19Apr0413am).

You can then change the name of the recording by clicking on the pencil icon next to the recording.
How do I hear my recording on the web?
Click the name of the recording and it will play in a Phonevite™ Player.
Can I change the name of the recording?

Click on the pencil icon next under the recording name and enter the new name.
What is the Status Monitor?
When you click "Call Now", a Status Monitor appears to advise you on the progress of the call.