What are the recommended settings for recording the voice mp3 file to be uploaded?
* Deprecated. Only applies for legacy Upload Recording feature.

Here are our recommended settings:
  • Sampling rate: 8000Hz
  • Channel: Mono
  • Bits per Sample: 16 bits
Supported audio file formats
Popular audio file format extensions are supported:
mp3, m4a, wav, ogg, aiff, aac, wma, flac, alac, amr.

Other audio formats are not fully tested.
Audio file conversion
The uploaded audio file will be converted to phone network format .

The audio quality of the converted file will be set to public phone network quality.

Technical properties of converted audio are 8KHz, 16bit, Mono in G.711 mu-law format.
Message duration
Maximum duration of the message is 2 minutes.

More than 2 minutes message will be chopped off.

Please check your recorded message in full length before sending the message.
Scenario 1: Record a message on iPhone using Voice Memo app
  • Recorded audio can be uploaded via a cloud service like Apple iCloud Drive or Google Drive.
  • You need iOS 9 or later version to use Apple iCloud Drive.

  1. Record a message in Voice Memo app.
  2. Tab "Share" and upload the message in Apple iCloud Drive.
  3. Go to Phonevite Upload Recording page.
  4. Click Upload Audio File and click Apple iCloud Drive, then select the recorded message.
  5. Continue uploading.
Scenario 2: Recording a message on Android phone using external app
  1. Install voice recording app (e.g. Audio Recorder )
  2. Go to Phonevite Upload Recording page.
  3. Click Upload Audio File.
  4. Select Audio Recorder app.
  5. Follow Audio Recorder app instruction to record and confirm.
  6. Continue uploading.