What is Phonevite Caller ID?
Phonevite Caller ID is the phone number that will show up on the Caller ID screen of the phone receiving your Phonevite™ voice message.

You can have up to 15 Caller IDs registered with Phonevite™. You will need to verify each number you would like to add as Caller ID with Phonevite™. Your recipients will always see your Primary Caller ID which can be changed to any of your registered numbers.
Can I change my Phonevite Caller ID?

You can select which Caller ID to use from the Send Phonevite page. In the 3. Select Options section you will see a link where you can change or setup Caller IDs.

The default Caller ID will be your Primary Caller ID. You can set or change your Primary Caller ID in the Setup Caller ID page. Please follow the instructions on that page.
Can I make my Phonevite Caller ID anonymous?
For your protection and to make the Phonevite™ service safe, we require that your verified Phone Number be used as the Caller ID for the Phonevite™ calls/messages.
Why do I see Phonevite's number instead of my Caller ID when I send a message?
All your recipients will see your Primary Caller ID except for yourself. This is done because network carriers cannot make sense of a number calling itself so instead you will see Phonevite's number.