How do I manually enter Phone Numbers?
At Send Phonevite, under "2. Phone List". Click on Add manually. A sub-screen will appear. Enter the phone numbers, separated by a comma or in each new line.

You can save the numbers as a new Phone Group by entering the name in the bottom field.

Click Add.
What is a Phone Group?
A Phone Group is a list of phone numbers previously saved as a group which can be used at later occasions.
How do I create a new Phone Group?
To Create new Phone Group, go to Phone Book and click on New Phone Group. Then add the Phone Numbers. The email address and name are optional fields.
Can I select multiple Phone Groups?

All your Phone Groups will appear in the Send Phonevite page and you can select as many Phone Groups as you would like.

You can also select individual numbers within a Phone Group.
What happens if there are duplicate phone numbers?
Our Phonevite™ VoIP Servers will detect duplicate phone numbers and place the call only once.
Can I send a message to a combination of phone groups and manually added numbers?

The Phonevite™ broadcast will go to all the phone numbers in the selected Phone Groups and those that are manually entered.
Can I save the manually added phone numbers as a Phone Group?

In the Send Phonevite page, under "2. Phone List". Click on Add Manually. In the new sub-screen, Ater you enter the phone numbers, enter the name in the bottom field and click Add.