What is Phonevite™ To Go?
Phonevite™ To Go allows you to use the Phonevite™ service without the need of a computer and internet connection. Instead of using the computer to send a Phonevite, you just call a pre-assigned toll-free number from any of your verified phone numbers and record a message at the prompt. This message then gets sent to the contact group associated with the pre-assigned number.

From the Phone Book page, click on the "Setup To Go Number" link, then click on "enable and assign To Go number" for your contact groups to use this great service. You are allowed up to 15 To Go numbers.
Will I get charged to call a To Go number?
No, Phonevite™ does not charge you to use a To Go number. You may incur long distance phone charges from your telephone carrier to make the call from your phone.