Does Phonevite™ reattempt unsuccessful calls?
To avoid potential schedule conflicts and unwanted calls, Phonevite™ does not reattempt unsuccessful calls automatically. It is up to the user to resend the Phonevite messages after checking the call result in the My Phonevites page. To see how to resend a Phonevite broadcast, please click this here.
Why was/were my call/s unsuccessful? What are the different reasons for the calls not going through?
Just like the regular phone, there are instances when a call placed through Phonevite does not go through as planned. Here is a partial list of potential reasons for call failure:

Invalid #

  • Please check the number. It may be a number that was entered incorrectly, that doesn't exist or that has been disconnected.

No Balance

  • There were no sufficient funds to complete the call.


  • Busy signal.

No Answer

  • Nobody is picking up on the other end.
  • The phone equipment of the recipient is not connecting the call.
  • The recipient's equipment or network refuses to accept a call, possibly because of some call filters placed on the equipment or network system.


  • The call has been cancelled prior to initiation.
  • If a call cannot/does not go through after 2 hours of original request or schedule (usually because of a large volume of calls), it is automatically cancelled.


  • The recipient has placed a Do-Not-Call request.


  • A problem with servers/system.
  • No channels/circuits available to complete the call. Try again later.
Up to how many phone numbers can I send a Phonevite broadcast to?
With the Free Service, you can send up to 25 calls per Phonevite™ broadcast. Free users are limited to sending 2 broadcasts every 30 days. Premium Users can send up to 30,000 calls per Phonevite™ broadcast and there is no limit on how many broadcasts you can send.
Can Phonevite™ call phone numbers outside the United States?
Phonevite™ currently only places calls to phone numbers in the 48 contiguous United States, Hawaii and Canada.
Does Phonevite™ deliver the messages at exactly the scheduled time?
Due to the high volume of calls being placed through the Phonevite™ system, the messagess are delivered at approximately the scheduled time. While Phonevite™ does its best to place the calls as near to the scheduled time as possible, by continually increasing our infrastructure, we do not make a guarantee on time delivery.