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1.Can Phonevite™ be used for telemarketing?
While Phonevite™ can be and is used for commercial purposes, it is not our intent that it be used for massive, intrusive telemarketing. We would rather our service be used by regular people in their everyday lives.

Additionally, we do not want our users to receive unsolicited/undesired calls placed using our service.

Therefore, we have made it easy to register on our web-based Do Not Call Registration and we also provide an opt-out prompt at the end of the broadcasted calls. It is the subscriber/sender's responsibility to be familiar and to comply with any Federal and State Laws related to telephone broadcasts.
2.Does Phonevite™ maintain Do Not Call lists?

Although we are not required by law, we deeply respect your privacy and we do not want you to be bothered by unsolicited/undesired calls.

That is why we have developed a simple way for adding your phone number to our Do Not Call list.

Additionally, at the end of each message, the listener will have the option to block any future calls from the sender's Caller ID number.

It is the sender's responsibility to be familiar and comply with any Federal and State regulations regarding phone broadcasts.
3.Does Phonevite™ share the phone numbers or personal information with third parties?
Phonevite™ absolutely does not share phone numbers or personal information with third parties. We abide by a very strict privacy policy that is reviewed by and meets the standards of the Better Business Bureau's BBBOnline Privacy Program.