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1.What is a Phone Group?
A Phone Group is a list of phone numbers previously saved as a group which can be used again at a later time.
2.How do I create a new Phone Group?
To Create new Phone Group, go to Phone Book and click on Create New Group. Type a name for the new group and then add the Phone Numbers. The email and name are optional fields.

You can also save numbers you add manually and other combinations of Phone Groups and/or numbers in the "Send Phonevite" page.
3.Can I save the manually added phone numbers as a Phone Group?
Yes. In the "Send Phonevite" page, click "Manually add phone numbers". After you have entered the numbers, you can enter a Group name to save the numbers as a Phone Group you can use again later.
4.Can I add new phone numbers to an existing Phone Group?
Yes. In the Phone Book, go to the Phone Group you want to add phone numbers to. Click on "Add Number" and add the details.
5.Can I edit or delete a Phone Group?
Yes. In the Phone Book, go to the Phone Group you want to edit or delete. Click on edit or delete.
6.Can I copy phone numbers from one Phone Group to another Phone Group?
Yes, you can. In the Phone Group, select by checking the Phone numbers to be copied. Then click on "Copy to Group". In the sub-window that appears, either Select from existing groups or enter the name for a new Phone Group for the checked phone numbers to be copied to.