Can I check my past credit card transactions?
Yes, in the My Account page, click on the Credit Card Transactions link on the left column to see all your past credit card transactions.
What is Phonevite's refund policy?
Any unused balance of the purchase price in the prepaid account will be refunded to the subscriber's credit card within 30 days from the date of purchase. In the case the payment was made through an alternative method, the refund will be provided through a check or Paypal payment.
How do I contact Phonevite for a billing dispute resolution?
Due to limited resources, we are sorry, but we cannot provide telephone billing dispute resolution. Please contact us at support@phonevite.com for a prompt resolution or response within 24 hours.
Where do I see the cost breakdown of each Phonevite Broadcast and the corresponding call?
To see the cost of each Phonevite Broadcast and the corresponding calls, go to "My Phonevites" and click on the Call Detail Records for the Phonevite in concern.
What information will I see in my Account History?
Account History contains a chronological list of when funds were added and of when any adjustments were made to your account.
Where can I see any adjustments to my account?
Any adjustments made to your account will be reflected immediately and will be posted in the Account History page in "My Account".
What are the payment options?
Currently, we accept VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS,DISCOVER and PAYPAL in US Dollars. For payment via check and other special cases, please contact customer support.
Credit Cards Accepted