How It Works

Sending Phonevite
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    Record your message via phone recorder, web recorder, or upload messages using external recorder apps.

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    Use the Phone Book to organize and save phone numbers you call regularly. You can also import calling lists using our "Import CSV File" functionality.

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    Start your Phonevite calls right away or schedule it for a later time

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    Keep track of all the call details, cost and responses, if any.

When to use

Emergency Notification
  • chevron_rightUrgent Notifications
  • chevron_rightWeather Cancellations
  • chevron_rightEmergency Messages
Business Relations
  • chevron_rightCompany News
  • chevron_rightReal Estate Management
  • chevron_rightCustomer Relations
Organizations Schools
  • chevron_rightEvent Reminders
  • chevron_rightSchool Absences
  • chevron_rightCalling Trees
Reach People
  • chevron_rightPrayer Requests
  • chevron_rightImform New Event
  • chevron_rightEmergency Alerts


Pay as You Go

No monthly subscription fees.
Fund your account and only get charged for what you use.

5 ¢

per call. period.

  • Setup Free Trial Account before purchase.
  • Free Plan for support small community groups.
  • Special rate for Non-profit Organizaion.
  • Sign up for special promotion.
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F . A . Q

Calls That Didn't Go Through?

If any of your calls do not go through, you will not be charged for them. Also, you are only charged after the calls are completed successfully, not when the Phonevite broadcast is initiated or scheduled.

Prepaid and Flexible Pricing.

It works like a gift card or calling card. You prepay and add funds to your account, with flexible pricing starting as low as $10.

No Gimmicks?

We charge on a per call basis. We don’t charge per call minute or call unit(e.g. 30 seconds), which would make budgeting/planning difficult. Also, we don’t have hidden monthly fees secretly eating away your balance.

Do You Have Any Promotions?

Yes. We provide a greater amount of additional dollars/calls the higher the prepaid amount. Please see our current bonus promotions. In addition, we provide our users with regular promo codes for additional bonus dollars/calls.

What Are The Payment Options?

Currently, we accept VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS,DISCOVER and PAYPAL. For payment via check and other special cases, please contact customer support.

Credit Card Transaction Secure?

For your security, we do not store any sensitive credit card and/or billing information either. Please check Security Policy page for more details.


Security Features
  • chevron_rightVerified Caller ID
  • chevron_rightOpt-out processes in place
  • chevron_rightSecured Communication
Security Policylaunch
Call Options
  • chevron_rightPhonevite To Go
  • chevron_rightInstant or Scheduled calls
  • chevron_rightAnswering Machine Detection, RSVP, Message-Back
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Privacy Features
  • chevron_rightPrivacy and phone numbers kept sacred
  • chevron_rightNo Solicitations allowed
  • chevron_rightAssured by BBB
Privacy Policylaunch
Social Features
  • chevron_rightEmail Voice Message
  • chevron_rightFacebook & Twitter
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format_quote Thank you Phonevite! We can now make sure all our students, parents and staff are informed of school news in a timely manner. Many parents and staff thanked me for the efficient communication with the personal touch. format_quote

Chiae Byun-Kitayama, Principal, Topeka Drive Elementary School, Los Angeles Unified School District


format_quote This is amazing! I'm a youth director who is constantly calling to remind students and their parents about activities and trips. This program has made life so much easier. Instead of taking the time to make 60 different calls, I can now use this program to save me an hour of my time and ensure all my kids are still on track. Thank you guys for making something so useful. format_quote

Travis Hairston, Trinity Baptist Church, Lufkin, TX


format_quote Thank you! This has worked out awesome for our members. We tried your service twice and it was very very effective... Thank you very very much. format_quote

Nancy Workman, President / CEO, Sandy Area Chamber of Commerce, Utah


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