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Phonevite is the award-winning, most popular, community-based voice broadcasting service
Type the numbers on Phonevite's site, dictate the message, and Phonevite calls the recipients simultaneously to deliver the recorded memo. Great for last-minute changes to softball practice, recruiting a substitute, or reminding colleagues of a meeting.
Have you ever had to call and communicate the same information to numerous people? (For example, to cancel a meeting, to change a meeting location...) we can disseminate the information... via
Phonevite a Web Application that makes contacting groups of people by telephone really easy and cheap, and for small groups of up to 25, free!
OK, I'm impressed with Phonevite. Phonevite is a simple tool that allows you to record a phone message and send it to a list of numbers...
I'm one of those forgetful people and it would be nice when the next time you invite me anywhere, if you would use Phonevite. Phonevite is a service where you can remind people of events, appointments and meetings by phone
Phonevite is a new free invitation and RSVP service that turns your Web browser into a personal assistant of sorts, letting you call a large group of friends, family, or contacts without having to spend all day on the phone.
It's the latest twist on Internet telephony, and comes from two employees who worked at Dialpad, an early Internet company that was recently bought by Yahoo.
Phonevite's main service involves mass-broadcasting phone calls to groups, which has an endless number of possible uses... could be a boon to friends looking to arrange impromptu get-togethers (enough so that I plan to use it myself)
When Evite is too email oriented, Phonevite gets personal, by giving your guests a call. The service lets you send invitations and announcements over the phone
Phonevite... lets people send messages to friends, family and colleagues more quickly and conveniently than they could any other way. It's easy to use.
Phonevite is easy, free and you don't have to be tech savvy. You just have to know how to use your telephone.
... this is something that you should Make Use Of for free! My favorite part is not having to sign up. More services should take after Phonevite!
Your non-email-checking, landline-loving, dial-up Internet pals will still get your invite, and everyone is happy. Oh, and did I mention it was free?

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When to use Phonevite™
• Emergency alerts to the team
• Weather cancellations
• Reminders for tasks and follow-ups
• Conference call reminders
• Finding a substitute/volunteer
• Quick motivational message to the team
• Last-minute party/event reminders
• Wake-up calls for you and/or your group
... and many more
Phonevite Safety Features
Verified Caller ID Required
We verify every user's Phone Number and use it as the Caller ID that shows up on the calls.
Privacy and phone numbers kept sacred
We guard your privacy, and DO NOT share your information and phone numbers with others. No exceptions.
Opt-out processes in place
At the end end of every live call and on the web, recipients have an option to opt-out from receiving calls using the Phonevite Service.
No solicitations allowed
Our Terms of Service explicitly prohibit using Phonevite for telemarketing, spam and any other type of solicitations.
Call monitoring algorithms
We diligently monitor our call traffic (we especially watch out for the blocked numbers) to prevent abuse and will not hesitate to disable any accounts with suspicious activity.
Member of the Better Business Bureau
We are a proud Member of the Better Business Bureau and abide by the Bureau's highly-regarded, strict Online Reliability and Privacy guidelines.
Contact us with any safety concern
Please let us know if you have any other concerns about the safety of our service by emailing us at
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