What information is required for signup?
We have made our signup extremely simple.

We only require the following information:
• Email address
• Password of your choice
• Name
What do you do with my personal information?
We treat your privacy and personal information very seriously. Please see our detailed Security Policy and Privacy Policy, which is reviewed and enforced by the Better Business Bureau's OnLine Privacy Program.

Your personal information will not be shared with or sold to any third party. We will only use your personal information (e.g. age, gender, phone number) for aggregate statistical analysis and to improve the Phonevite™ service.
How do the Free Calls work?

Phonevite currently offers two Free Trial programs.

Test drive Phonevite features

Once you sign up for a Phonevite account, you can test drive all our features with your phone numbers for free without purchasing the premium service.

With the Free Trial account, you can send free calls to your phone numbers to see how Phonevite works.

In order to send free calls and try out all the features, you'll need to register your phone number(s) as a Caller-ID. Users can register their phone numbers as caller IDs via a simple automated phone number verification process.

Go to My Caller ID to start now.

Phonevite users are allowed up to 15 caller ID numbers.

* To prevent potential phone abuse, maximum call rate and other restrictions may apply.

Small Group Support

The Small Group Support program allows users to send Phonevite calls to up to 25 numbers at a time (currently limited to 2 broadcasts every 30 days).

To get started, you'll need:
  1. Fill out the Organization Form in My Account.
  2. Submit support request that you will need small group support.
  3. Phonevite will review and notify you via email. You can also check the account status in My Account.

Please consider purchasing the Premium Service and add funds to your account if you want to increase the capacity of sending calls to up to 30,000 numbers at a time, at a low cost.

Is there a monthly fee or a signing up fee?
No. With Phonevite, there are no contracts to sign, no signing up fees, monthly fees or any other hidden fees. You many use the Free Service or the Premium Service where your calls are charged 5 cents per successful call. That's it.