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Premium Service

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It works like a calling card. Purchase an amount and the balance draws down with each completed call. Recharge anytime as needed.

Our simple, low pricing for the Prepaid Premium Service is straight-forward; there are no monthly dues or commitments, and no hidden fees or per minute charges that make it hard to budget and program broadcasts.

Premium Service Benefits

  • Higher Priority & Quality of Calls

    Paid calls receive a higher priority during peak volume periods and have a higher Quality of Service.

  • Balance never expires

    The funds added to your account stay there until you use them.

  • No setup or monthly fees

    Again, we are not trying to make money through hidden fees. You are only charged for what you use.

  • Only charged for completed calls

    If any of your sent calls do not go through, you will not be charged for them. Also, you are only charged after the calls are completed, not when the Phonevite broadcast is initiated or scheduled.

  • Prepaid - Pay as you go

    You can start with the Premium Service for as low as $9.80 and, thereafter recharge / pay as you go. We can also arrange alternative methods of payments, like invoicing your organization. Please call us at 408-946-9700 or email us at for other forms of payments or if you'd like to purchase a larger amount.

  • Quick dispute resolution, if any

    Should you have any concern about any charges, please send us an email to and we will provide a response/resolution within 24 hours.

  • Many more features

Current Prepaid Promotions

Starter Package
Become a Premium
User for as
low as $9.80

Send 196 calls

Buy Now

Bonus 50 Calls
Buy $50 and receive
50 additional calls
in your account

Send 1,050 calls

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Bonus 150 Calls
Buy $100 and receive
150 additional calls
in your account

Send 2,150 calls

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Bonus of 10%
Buy any amount $200
or above and receive
a 10% bonus of
purchased amount

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