Price Plan
$0.05 per call

It works like a calling card. Purchase an amount and the balance draws down with each completed call. Recharge anytime as needed.

Our simple, low pricing for the Prepaid Premium Service is straight-forward; there are no monthly dues or commitments, and no hidden fees or per minute charges that make it hard to budget and program broadcasts.

Premium Service Benefits

  • checkHigher Priority & Quality of Calls
  • checkNo setup or monthly fees
  • checkOnly charged for completed calls
  • checkPrepaid - Pay as you go
  • checkQuick dispute resolution, if any
Current Promotions
$ 9. 80
Starter Package

Become a Premium User for as low as $9.80

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$ 50. 00
Bonus 50 Calls

Buy $50 and receive 50 additional calls in your account

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$ 100. 00
Bonus 150 Calls

Buy $100 and receive 150 additional calls in your account

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$ 200+
Bonus of 10%

Buy any amount $200 or above and receive a 10% bonus of purchased amount

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* Bonuses are non-refundable and will be automatically applied to your account at the purchase of Phonevite Credit.